MIA Membership Explained

MIA Membership works to enhance the national standard level of training for industry representatives. 

It is a mandatory requirement of MIA healthcare providers (which represent the majority of NHS Trusts) that MIA Members are registered. 

Successful registration allows MIA Members to hold a MIA ID card giving them the ability to register their healthcare provider visits online via the MIA appointment system. 

MIA Membership includes access to a wide range of online courses as well as the training required to meet the required standards.

What some of our Members say...

As a supplier to UK hospitals, we have found the MIA system to be a really useful platform. Not only in terms of its usability for day-to-day access to hospitals but also due to the provision of training modules for our teams. It seems everything MIA do is consistently of a high quality.

Paul Broadberry, Country Manager UK, Vanguard Medical Devices Ltd

Medtronic Limited has worked with the MIA team for a number of years. Through the efficient online training portal, our employees have the flexibility to take the correct accredited course as required, and then gain the MIA ID card required to demonstrate that they are qualified to be present within hospital environments.

The staff at MIA are very knowledgeable and professional. They work closely with us to ensure a smooth, streamlined process for all with a quick turnaround. I highly recommend MIA.

Sam Garner, Senior Business Support Manager UK & Ireland, Medtronic Limited

Many thanks to the team at MIA for their highly professional and extremely efficient response and support to our business. I am always impressed with the service that you provide to us, and the way that you deal with our account, even with our last-minute issues and emergency access issues. Your knowledge, experience and commitment to our account is sincerely appreciated.

Jasmine Cook, Compliance Manager, Alcon Eye Care UK Ltd

From a personal and company level, MIA provides training and checks, plus an easy-to-use app. Other providers require a large amount of personal and historic healthcare information such as tuberculosis, MMR, chicken pox and diphtheria.

I sometimes use my MIA card in other credentialing providers’ hospitals and have in the past explained to senior NHS managers that they charge without tangible benefits – most think that they are free of charge! I think it’s time for industry to take a stand.

Barry Emms, Sales Director, TalarMade
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Theatre Access Basic Course

This operating theatre access course is designed to provide information for healthcare suppliers/engineers in order to reduce risk to yourself, the patient and other members of the surgical team. It sets out to give information for this high-risk environment, the operating room and other areas of the hospital where interventional procedures take place, so that you can safely perform your role. This course matches the requirements of the MIA Membership for Gold Level: Training for High risk settings.

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ABPI Code 2021: Overview of Changes

Examine how the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry Code has changed for 2021. This course matches the requirements of the MIA Membership for Bronze: Code of Business Practice.



Bribery Act Course

Become aware of the business implications of the 2010 Bribery Act. This course matches the requirements of MIA Membership Level Bronze: Competition and procurement.