About Us

Medical Industry Ltd was established in July 2017; taking over the running of the MIA (Medical Industry Accredited*) service on behalf of the ABHI (Association of British HealthTech Industries).

Opening our office in Tonbridge, Kent, we were delighted to be able to bring on board the complete team who had been running MIA for the previous 5 years. We have now moved our offices to Eridge, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

In January 2018 due to customer demand we launched our e-learning courses, providing the healthcare industry with a whole suite of training that support the MIA service and other credentialing systems, enabling the users to purchase their MIA and training in one transaction from a single supplier.

An example of some of the courses that have supported the MIA service include Codes of Conduct, Aseptic Techniques, Theatre Access, Acute Care and we also offer e-learning courses for developing a better understanding of the NHS (i.e., structure, finance and commissioning). Our courses are written and updated adhering to industry requirements.

During 2019, with the company growing, we brought on board some more familiar and knowledgeable industry faces who have helped us grow our offering and now we offer comprehensive e-learning on environmental knowledge specially written for the pharmaceutical industry.

In the same year we also ensured our cardholders meet the highest standards by requiring members to join the Life Science Industry (LSI) National Credentialing Register.

The LSI National Credentialing Register is the culmination of extensive work between the major healthcare trade associations (ABHI, ABPI, Barema, BDIA, BHTA, BIVDA, Medilink UK), NHS England and the Academy for Healthcare Science. Now, working with Medical Industry Ltd, this provides firstly, a not-for-profit registration system that has patient and public safety at its heart and secondly, a potential solution to the issue of multiple providers of credentialing systems which creates confusion and duplication and is costly to the healthcare industry and ultimately, as a consequence, the NHS.

Following successful completion of training courses taken with us at MIA, these are automatically uploaded onto the LSI National Credentialing Register and can be viewed once logged onto your profile.

You can also download your training certificates with courses taken with us here at MIA, allowing you to use/upload with other credentialing systems if required.

We additionally offer companies the opportunity to have their own company courses specifically for their users to take, uploaded onto Medical Industry Ltd, again allowing the users and company to use one single supplier. If this is something you would be interested in, please contact us to find out more. 

Accrediting bodies include the European Operating Room Nurses Association (EORNA), the Association for Perioperative Practice (AfPP), EduQual and the Royal College of Nursing.

MIA offers two services to two different audiences.

Supplier Companies

For supplier companies and representatives, MIA offer their full suite of online training courses, along with an appointment booking system - to ensure that all those visiting a hospital within the UK remain compliant with the wishes of the hospital.

MIA's dedicated Customer Service Team will walk each representative through the process of getting a card, from beginning to end.

NHS and Private Healthcare Providers

For NHS and Private hospitals, MIA give access to the appointment booking system, so that Procurement, Theatre and Healthcare Teams are aware who is onsite at any one time.

MIA also work directly with the hospitals to ensure that visiting supplier company representatives remain compliant with their requirements, whether this be a Basic or Enhanced DBS, Hepatitis B inoculation, or other vaccination requirements.

Meet our cheery and friendly team by clicking here.

In June 2023, MIA graciously welcomed a new Managing Director, driving the Team forward with fresh new ideas and a new focus for the future. Meet Nicola Arcos by clicking here.