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Competition and Procurement Course (Bronze)

This course matches the requirements for MIA Membership - Bronze: Competition and Procurement (Mandatory).

Know the legal requirements that apply specifically to your professional activities, such as competition law, procurement and public contracts regulations.

This course will help you understand the basics of:


  • Competition and procurement course
  • Competition law
  • Impact of Brexit
  • Competition Act 1998
  • How to avoid breaking competition law
  • Consequences of breaking competition law


  • Procurement and public contracts regulations – key points
  • Procurement Directive and Public Contracts Regulations
  • NHS (Procurement, Patient Choice and Competition) Regulations 2013
  • ‘Light touch’ regime
  • Green Paper – transforming public procurement
  • World Trade Organization agreement GPA
  • EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement
  • NHS policy and competition

Companies and their representatives must make every effort to observe UK and EU competition and procurement laws in all their interactions with healthcare institutions in both the public and private sectors.

Life science industry employees need to be aware of the main rules to avoid breaking the law or becoming a victim of others’ anti-competitive practices.

  • Who can take the course: Medical representatives
  • Course duration: 1 hour
  • Certification Duration: 2 years

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