Meet Nicola Arcos - MIA's MD

Get to know Nicola Arcos...

Introducing the New MIA Managing Director



Say hello to MIA’s new Managing Director, Nicola Arcos.

A recognisable face in the UK Healthcare Credentialing sector, Nicola brings over 10-years experience in working with both NHS and Private Hospitals in Supplier Credentialing. Starting on June 5th 2023, Nicola steps into the MD role at MIA with confidence that a single credentialing system can be used across all hospitals in the UK - and that just happens to be MIA. Learn more about Nicola, in her own words, below:

"A mum of three daughters, one of whom relies on the NHS to provide care for a chronic condition, I feel I owe the healthcare sector – and my opportunity to give back began in 2013. Ten years ago, on the heels of MIA, I started a company called Who Are You Ltd, rapidly gaining the market share of hospitals within the UK thanks to my knowledge and understanding of the needs of the NHS and Private healthcare sectors."

"MIA is a British business - who else knows the UK healthcare sector better than a UK based and UK focussed company?" - Nicola Arcos - MIA, Managing Director

"In January 2019, I sold my company to IntelliCentrics and took on the role of Managing Director in early 2021. I left in June 2022, and since then have been working as a consultant."

Nicola Arcos

"Changing company to your direct competitor in the market may seem a peculiar side-step to most, but MIA’s ethos and reputation within the Industry & NHS sets it apart and more importantly, MIA is a British business, and who else knows the UK healthcare sector better than a UK based and UK focussed company? My desire to meet the needs of the UK healthcare market with an established British business such as MIA is an exciting opportunity that brings massive potential for the advancements of credentialing in the UK.

There is no better time than MIA’s 10 Year Anniversary to bring in something new –

  • New Managing Director,
  • New Platform,
  • and a New Focus.

The spirit of MIA stays the same but 2023 sees the dawn of a New MIA – one that’s here to stay."