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SDMA Code Course (Bronze)

This course will help you understand the Surgical Dressing Manufacturers Association (SDMA) Code guidelines on:

  • Gifts and Inducements; Business Courtesies
  • Representatives
  • Advertising and Promotional Materials; Promotions and Competitions; Product Information Claims
  • Education and Training; Conferences, Exhibitions and Seminars
  • Product Trials and Promotional Samples
  • Scientific Debate and Conference Papers; Use of Experts and Consultants
  • Charitable Donations
  • Ethical Standards; Sponsored Healthcare Professionals

This course summarises the code and is not intended as a substitute for reading the full document.

SDMA training material.

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This course matches the requirements for MIA Membership - Bronze: Code of Business Practice.

  • Who can take the course: Medical representatives
  • Course duration: 1 hour
  • Certification Duration: 2 years

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