Frequently Asked Questions - Healthcare Provider

FAQS Cardholder

How do I open an account or find out more about the LSI National Credentialing Register powered by MIA?

To open an account with us or arrange a presentatation on the benefits of the system is very straightforward and easy, simply contact Ed Birch at / 01732 920 541 or Caz Redpath at for further information.


How much does it cost to open an account?

The LSI National Credentailing Register powered by MIA is a free service, from set up, to training and to on going account management there are no costs to healthcare providers


I have lost our account login information where can I reset this?

For account login information simply call Carolyn Redpath (Caz) on 01732 920 545 or email and she can arrange this for you.


How can I update any of our account entry information or policy documents?

To make any account amends is a straightforward process, simply contact Caz Redpath at  with the amends you would like to make and we will process these for you.


How can I arrange some training for our staff?

If you would like some training on the system for you or your staff we are able to offer a variety of training options; face-to-face sessions, webinars or telephone conferences.  Please call Carolyn Redpath (Caz) on 01732 920 545 or email and she can arrange this for you.


How do I sign up and recieve the account bulletins or automatic topline reports?

To sign up for thses emails please Carolyn Redpath (Caz) on 01732 920 545 or email and she can arrange this for you. 

How does MIA guest access work?

Guest access is limited to one visit per year and on the second visit guests will be requested to sign up to the service.

Non-MIA cardholders are unable to book appointments themselves.

  1. Cardholder receives confirmation from their NHS/private healthcarw contact that they can bring a colleague who is a non-card holde.r
  2. On arrival the non-cardholder reports to reception to confirm they do not have a card. Reception will take details and log them on the MIA system.
  3. Guest will receive reminders and may be contacted by the hospital account manager to discuss signing up to the system.


More information of what the hospital sees/does can be found here:


Please contact us if you have any questions: or call 01732 920 900