Frequently Asked Questions - Cardholder

FAQS Healthcare Provider

As Trusts are starting to close doors to representatives we have created a document with the "Latest Updates" for you which also includes the contacts at the trusts that enquiries need to be sent to.
We will continue to keep you informed via email as well as on the updated list - please make sure you add as trusted email in order to receive any further news.

How do I get a  LSI National Credentialing Register card?

Simply contact our offices on 01732 920 900 or email our support team on for full details on how to register.


How long does a card last for?

A LSI National Credentialing Register card lasts for 12 months. We automatically renew cards every 11 months so that you will never be without a card, ensuring that there is a smooth transition from your old card to your new one.


How much does a LSI National Credentialing Register card cost?

The combined annual fee per member going forward is £30 + VAT for the card plus £30 (no VAT) for registration with the LSI National Credentialing Register.
What do I do if I have lost my card?
  • In the first instance you should let your training manager/HR manager know so that they can inform us to issue you a new card. We should be able to reissue a new card to you within 10 working days.
  • If a new card is needed urgently, we may be able to provide you with an electronic version to use. Please note that the cost of a replacement LSI National Credentialing Register card is £30 plus VAT and the MIA card only is £18 + VAT.
  • Email us to request a replacement card.


Where is my ID card?

  • Once your account has been set up/transferred and you have supplied/taken the relevant training along with a photo for your ID card we will post your card to your head office address within 10 working days.
  • Request a PDF copy of your card whilst you wait for the hard copy to arrive.


How do I register a site visit?

The process is quick and easy. Please take a look a look at our short guide: How to register a site visit using your MIA card [PDF].


How do I know which trusts/hospitals I need to pre-register at?

We have listed all the implemented healthcare providers in the Participating organisations section of this website. 


Why do I need credentials?

Healthcare providers in recent years have had to ensure that there are proper robust safe guards in place when protecting patients, especially those who are vulnerable such as older and younger people. As a standard, most sites are requesting that visitors have a DBS certificate and a Hepatitis B vaccination uploaded onto their profiles (when visiting theatres in particular), so that they can ensure the health and safety of not only their patients, but visitors too.  For further information on the Hep B inoculation requirement please review this document:

Which trusts require Hepatitis B and DBS credentials?

When you register a site visit on the portal the hospital/trust credentials are displayed alongside your own. If you are missing information, it will be highligted with a cross (“X”).  The following document lists all credential requirements across all MIA trusts:


How do I update my profile with credentials?

The process is simple - email with the information below and we will update your profile for you:

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS):

Please provide a copy of your certificate (scan or photo) to confirm the following details:

•  Basic, standard or enhanced

•  Date issued

•  Certificate number

Hepatitis B vaccinations:

Please provide a copy of your immunisation record (scan or photo) showing dates immunisations received – you can request this from your GP surgery. Please confirm if Hepatitis B positive or negative.


How can I apply for an Enhanced DBS?

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust in London and Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust  in Liverpool specialise in the care of sick and sometimes, vulnerable children and the protection of these patients is paramount.  If you visit either of these hospitals you will need an Enhanced DBS check.  We have produced the following document to help assist cardholders gain this check:


How long is my Hepatitis B vaccination valid for?

After a full course of three vaccinations to protect against Hepatitis B, immunity is normally lifelong. However, five-year boosters are recommended for anyone thought to be at continuing risk of infection such as healthcare workers. 


Please contact us if you have any questions: or call 01732 920 900